"The Restored Divine Feminine"


Mary Magdalenes song of the Cosmic Rose - Transmission

A transmission for you to receive new light codes and the new Sophia Consciousness that are the New Teachings of our new Golden Age, and comes directly from the fully anchored Sophia Magdalena Consciousness. Her song is codes of the New Blueprint of our New World where we live in peace and love.


A Gatekeeper of the North

Camilla Ma Ra is a gatekeeper of the North, one of the Cosmic Mothers, a code holder of the White Flame and walking the Pathless Path in service to the One, Gaia and Humanity. 

She offers one-to-one sessions, circles, activations/ transmissions, retreats, programs, sacred journeys on-line trainings and deep soul journeys as a conduit of Divine Mother Source energy.  She is known for her abilities to hold and co-create a vast, pure, warm, loving and sacred space where women and men can embody their feminine and masculine soul on earth.

Camilla is dedicated to anchor the new earth consciousness of divine love and to lift the veils to truth. She is a Keeper of the Flame of the eternal Goddess and holds the White Flame within her soul.

One of the reasons Camilla choose to incarnate in this time when the Goddess has fully returned is to assist, heal and release the deepest wounds of the collective feminine.

Camilla is a soul that volunteered together with many others and now has returned after an absence of many hundreds of years to earth, to bring forth the light keys and codes for the New Human and the New Earth to the fore.

She has often incarnated in times of big shifts, and in times for new civilizations to build, as the time NOW.

"To Restore the Divine Mother Consciousness is why I incarnated onto Earth"

- Camilla Ma Ra


Her Great Awakening

The Restored Divine Feminine

The true feminine wisdom

... is available for us now as the awakened wisdom of the Sophia Feminine Christ Consciousness and the template of the Restored Divine Feminine are completely anchored.

To prepare ourselves & the earth

... to fully receive and embody the New light codes we must begin to see and know what has happened to Her and her children. To understand what happened to all of humanity.

It is time to lift the veils to Truth

... and understand that what has been promoted as Divine Mother or through different feminine archetypes is actually not the Mother nor the Divine Feminine at all. It is an imposter that took Her place by inverting her consciousness which is used to manipulate us in different ways.

Now as the Divine Mother is reinstalled

... and new truths reveals, we can clear, dissolve and extract all those reversals and implants, to restore and embody our divine original blueprint and our souls purpose.

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