A 3 month soul journey

Divine Feminine Transfiguration

into the New World

The purpose of this soul journey is to support your next level of divine feminine consciousness. The journey will focus on expanding into the truth of your soul and manifesting the evolved divine feminine consciousness and her pure awareness to be in selfless service of the One.

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Starts 23 May 2021 - In your own space


🀍 Walking the Pathless Path will lead no stone unturned in your life. Deep powerful transitions are here for us and leading us into the highest state of light and the highest expression of love.

🀍 Walking the Pathless Path is a journey where we fully embrace the Divinity within, merging as One with Beloved Mother Father God.

🀍 Walking the Pathless Path is a souls journey into mastery and are for those souls who are ready to go trough immense transfiguration and are in a process of doing so.

🀍 Walking the Pathless Path is for those souls that in deep commitment dedicate themselves full time to their souls journey. It takes pure intentions to embark on this journey, to devote yourself into Selfless service of the One.

🀍 Walking the Pathless Path is a journey for those souls who are ready to journey through the transfiguration, and total universal re-birth and leave the old behind forever.

🀍 Walking the Pathless Path will lift those souls into a higher dimensional state of living, and into the New Earth Embodiment.


Meet Camilla Ma Ra

Gatekeeper of the North – Incarnated in times of big shifts

Camilla is dedicated to anchor the new earth consciousness of divine love and to lift the veils to truth. She is a Keeper of the Flame of the eternal Goddess and holds the White Flame within her soul. One of the reasons Camilla choose to incarnate in this time when the Goddess has fully returned is to assist, heal and release the deepest wounds of the collective feminine. and Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary is assisting in this process together with all the sisters in the Sisterhood of the Light.

Camilla is a soul that volunteered together with many others and now has returned after an absence of many hundreds of years to earth, to bring forth the light keys and codes for the New Human and the New Earth to the fore.

She has often incarnated in times of big shifts, and in times for new civilizations to build, as the time NOW.

​Camilla lives in Sweden with her two children. She is a gatekeeper of the North, one of the Cosmic Mothers, a conduit of Divine Mother, a code holder of the White Flame and walking the Pathless Path in service to the One.


Beloved Sisters,

The purpose of this journey is to support your next level of divine feminine consciousness. The journey will focus on manifesting the evolved divine feminine and her pure expanded awareness and being in service of the One.

We will keep clearing and purifying into pure divine feminine essence. We will enter timelessness and receive massive cellular and DNA upgrading consciousness.

The focus will be on what we all experiencing on a personal level, to integrate spirit, soul and body. This is what is most important in the "NOW" time.

We will not focus on what is "out there", as we are "in here".

What is out there as in cosmic and planetary alignments, eclipses, cosmic events, solar flare influxion and cosmic energy updates is assisting us, and are not in focus, as "Walking the Pathless Path" is a deep embodiment journey for your souls evolution beyond time and space.

It is important to understand that our journey is in the now moment and has not a set plan, we are journeying beyond time in a spiral way.

Content of the Journey


🀍 Activate and Integrate the Crystalline template

🀍 Manifesting your highest potential onto earth

🀍 Creativity and manifestation of the new world

🀍 Starseed Upgrade

🀍 Avatar Monadic Activation

🀍 Clearing and upgrading your light body

🀍 Strengthen your Merkabic field

🀍 Balancing of your Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine energies

🀍 Clearing and Purifying false light, reversals, implants

🀍 Learn and use new world shields of Light

🀍 Enter timelessness

🀍 Raise Your Light Quotient

🀍 Anchoring and Integrating your Staff codes

🀍 Merge and integrate your inner Holy Mother and Holy Father into Union

🀍 Activate your codes of Hieros Gamos

🀍 How to live more in alignment with Soul and manifesting souls purpose on earth

Walking the Pathless Path with Camilla Ma Ra and Sisters

3 Month Soul Journey

Divine Feminine Transfiguration into the New World

This may be exactly what you need for your souls evolution.

€ 999 or by Payment Plan

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β€œ The embodied Consciousness that is what YOU are  - and what I live my life now to become”  - Ingelise

β€œ Thank you Camilla  You are a pure embodiment of Divine Love  and hightest Consciosness and your Energy always  touches my Heart deeply” - Thea 

β€œ This touched my heart and soul so profoundly That I am vibrating. Thank you! I feel such a powerful harmonic resonance with you words and energy. Words can not truly describe this feeling. Blessings of Love and Light.” - Howard

β€œWhen the doors of the Hearts is opening, when you feel the call from deep within. When you do the things with Compassion and Devotion, when the Flowing river of Love starts to turn its way. When you become like the sun giving to anything unconditionally your love, when you feel the presence and essence of your divine human being. When you are deeply devoted and understood the Oneness, when you dive deep into what we are - THEN YOU GOT A TASTE OF CAMILLA MA RA IS TRULY EMBODYING.

YES my so beloved sister, to embody means to elevate the others. and this is what u who u are. in our essence we are all, we are those lights but some are turned on light other totally bright und others are hidden by the layers of illusions but they are there.I totally see not only from the first time when I heard u talking at the priestess congress this light no there is much more the moment i close i my take a deep breath in connect directly into the heartspace it is even more one can feel this incredible lightful presence. Yes my love you are divinity itself so divine as we all are, but you truly EMBODY IT. With your presence you show that only by "BEEING" all is already fulfilled. Your voice is not a voice it is an echo of all universe of powerful devoted unconditional love .” - Danuta